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24th Annual Mountain Mandarin Festival

My family came over yesterday and we prepped another 50 lbs of mandarins!  They helped label all the jars (about 217 so far just of the mandarins). I’m shooting for 600 jars of mandarin products for the festival plus other flavors of my jams, jellies, infused sugars and salts! Ok, gotta go back to work now!


Auburn Fairgrounds

Friday Preview November 17th: 11am – 5pm • Admission $3 for everyone, Parking $6

Saturday November 18th: 9am – 5pm • Admission $8, Seniors $5, Kids 12 and under FREE, Parking $6

Sunday November 19th: 10am – 4pm • Admission $8, Seniors $5, Kids 12 and under FREE, Parking $6


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