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Farmers' Market in Full Swing

It is heating up here in California which means quality, fresh food is showing up in abundance at the farmers' markets. Rainer Cherries are making an appearance, Ollalieberries, blackberries and of course, beautiful strawberries, raspberries, peaches, nectarines and, most recently, the Santa Rosa Plums! There are miles of gorgeous vegetables that I just love to use all week long in my meals. There are so many wonderful nuggets of good things, like cheeses, meats, crackers, beautiful breads, eggs, poultry, popcorn, fresh caught fish, yogurt, butter! Delish! More than I can even name.

You will find me at the farmers' markets on Sunday in Quarry Park in Granite Bay. Tuesdays I'll be in the Fountains near Whole Foods and Saturday in Auburn in the parking lot behind the courthouse! Don't forget to stop by my booth for some yummy seasonal jams, infused sea salts and sugars. See you there!


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