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Alternatives to Easter Candy

When you think of Easter it is hard not to think of Easter baskets filled with plastic grass bursting with multi colored egg candies, adorable chocolate bunnies, pastel marshmallow birds. However, if you need a break for the overly saccharine side of Easter or just need a way to freshen up your Easter treats here are a few alternatives to Easter candy you may want to add to your basket.

Bring in the color with real fruit gummies. Because they come in all kinds of animals, shapes, colors and sizes you'll be able to find the perfect fit for the basket.

Grab some bunny shaped cheese crackers! Or if you want to go sweet instead of savory, go for the bunny shaped graham crackers. How perfect is that?

It might be hard to convince the kids that dried or dehydrated fruit is just as delicious as a handful of jelly beans but you might be able to persuade the adults. If you simply can't part with the chocolate get an assortment of chocolate covered fruits.

With the kids, forego the treats altogether and consider purchasing a small puzzle or toy kit. Place a few pieces in each egg until the entire the box is empty. Include the empty package in their basket and then let them hunt for the pieces as they’re searching for eggs.


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