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Ingredients: sugar, mandarin, orange, lemon

Mandarin Orange Marmalade

  • This is part of our Reserve Collection

  • Try an orange marmalade gin cocktail:

    For each glass, combine 3 ounces gin, 1 ounce dry vermouth, 1/2 ounce lemon juice and 1 tablespoon orange marmalade in a cocktail shaker with ice; shake well, then pour into a glass.


    Or make some orange marmalade cranberry relish:

    Grind fresh cranberries in a food processor or grinder, then mix with marmalade to taste


    I rinsed freshly caught slamon and dried it with paper towels so the seasonings would stay. Then, I added my Lemon & Thyme Infused Sea Salt (both the fish and the salt are from the sea, they are friends!), fresh ground pepper, then I drizzled some my Mandarin Orange Marmalade over the top. Why not? Bake for 20 minutes! Enjoy!

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